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About Us
Star Systems is focused on sustainability through circular economics, diversity, and inclusion. We offer consultation and research and development. We are dedicated to defending Planet Earth through conservation of our species, and the advancement of society and new economic model
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About Us

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Stary Systems Eco LLC is a sustainability firm that offers consultancy, assessments, R&D, applied research, and program design. Our goal is to increase the utilization of natural, human and social dimensions through economic development. We offer valuable and innovative approaches to metrics and impact assessment for a triple-bottom line objective (social, environmental, and economic advancement).




How do we value the planet? How can we improve our economic systems through sustainability efforts? Star Systems is innovating a new platform which allows companies, investors, organizations and individuals to design their own value for market valuation. We are currently undertaking a significant and important endeavour that helps companies and vested stakeholders design their features and actions that contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, among some of our sustainability goals, into their work, product, process, business, project or life. Our targets are at a very high standard, and our platform allows for your investment into clean energy, recycled products, fair practices, or other sustainable goals ROI to be calculated and valued. Our goal is extremely ambitious, but we realize that in order to achieve a future-oriented planet, we must be forward-thinking.

Join us on our mission to design the future of our planet and society.

This is the future. Future by Design.



Star Systems is an environmental and social impact organization invested in fair economic development. We promote awareness in helping the world solve some of the most pressing global issues. We create ideas and strategy to help businesses and organizations meet their sustainable development goals. We offer services to elevate brand awareness surrounding your environmental and social initiatives and commitments. Our firm offers marketing, consulting, analysis, R&D, and developing ideas and techniques to create transformative change. We are innovators and catalysts of ideas.




Our mission is to advance the field of conservation, social justice, human rights, and economic development by increasing the value of our planet’s natural and human ecosystems.


Star Systems work includes corporate social responsibility, zero-waste design, carbon-neutral chains, clean and healthy water solutions, diversity and inclusion, sustainable procurement, plastic-free targets, renewable energy, and advancing the progress of sustainable goals. We work with small and large companies, governments and agencies, NGO’s and vested stakeholders in order to achieve these goals.

Areas of Focus
Diverse Society


Based on a “we grow what we measure” systems design, we draw inspiration from nature.

Social dimensions include quality of life indicators, conflict-free sourcing, and diversity.

Relationships in quality of life dimensions, indicators of inequality, and aggregating across quality of life dimensions all affect the Human Development Index.

Resilient and diverse communities are the bedrock of our society. We have a deep commitment to our communities and is at the heart of all our endeavors.



Decoupling material consumption from economic growth is a pathway to stronger and resilient communities. Our approach is based on a symbiotic and holistic relationship with our social and natural environments.

Sustainable supply chains, fair and sustainable practices, zero waste future, conflict-free sourcing, diverse ecosystems – both in human and biological functions, are key to a happy, balanced and thriving planet and society.

We add value where it matters. Our goal is to improve economic performance while regenerating our natural ecosystems and building capacity in our communities.

We are on a mission to see ‘how can we add value?’ across the board.



Technology is our greatest ally, and should be leveraged whenever possible. We are committed to advancing the field of green technology through research and development for advanced technologies. Technology can be incredibly harmful for the environment so our focus is on building and fostering dialogue in new and meaningful technologies that advances our society towards less energy usage, reducing tech waste, replacing the use of natural resources, and eliminating harmful chemicals.

Promoting diverse women of color in the field of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) our society builds what is proven to be more sustainable and evergreen communities, cities, business and society.









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