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Star Systems - Leading the environmental, technological, social, political and economic Revolution
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What we do

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The world is a beautiful and delicate orchestra of natural ecosystems all working together in harmony.



Star Systems’ unique model includes careful design and management of processes and products that are in harmony with our natural systems for social, environmental and economic advancement. To build an economic model that values our environment and society.





Planet Earth - Middle East and Europe. 3D Rendering. Stars my own photo. Elements of this image furnished by NASA
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At the heart of ingenuity and success are people. Diverse workplaces and supply chains are an integral part of creating a dynamic and inclusive environment. We live in a world that is hugely disbalanced in terms of race and female inclusion. Yet, research has found that a normative acceptance of women and people of color in the workplace yields a more productive workplace, increases efficiency, and lends itself to increasing the value of a firm. Meeting quotas though is not the objective. To truly understand the inherent value of women of color, people of color and all women is an integral facet to a company and organizational success. We must do better as a society by erasing social norms that create bias and discrimination. As a woman and Latinx owned small business firm, we have operated in the space of breaking stereotypes and increasing inclusion, and that is why we believe that this is a critical aspect for everyone.  We understand this better than anyone, having negotiated with corporate diversity and inclusion executives, promoting ethnic media and enterprises, and leading the discussion on inclusivity. Diversity and Inclusion is not just about being diverse and included, it means moving the table and deciding who can have a seat it at. It is about cultural nuances that carve the very space we operate in.

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Diversity reaches both our social and cultural systems as it does our biological ones. Biodiversity is the variability among organisms from all sources including, inter alia, terrestrial, marine and other aquatic ecosystems and the ecological complexes of which the are a part of;  this includes diveristy within species, between species and of ecosystems.

Understaning what biological diversity means in our ecosystems in nature allows us to truly get to the heart of what diversity means in human and social systems. We are, after all, made from the same stuff, call it stardust or otherwise. Diversity is our natural state of being and to operate any differently is cutting against mother nature herself. Social ecosystems are created to be diverse, yet though, this is not widely integrated, and we face a huge injustice and paralysis of our evolutionary process by not incorporating our inherent diverse nature. We, as humans, have to actually fight for people to recognize our human ecosystems as diverse by nature. As a culturally diverse and woman of color firm we are dedicated to this mission.

We understand that the lack of diversity in both our ecosystems, natural and human, underpins some of the greatest challenges our globe faces. Poverty, injustice, disease, war and climate change can all be attributed to the degradation or lack of diversity.

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Research and Development

Research and development is key to economic advancement, national competitiveness, and global growth. Star Systems is committed to basic and advanced research to advance the fields of social, environmental and economic advancement. We believe that through technology we can advance the fields of conservation, social advancement and economic empowerment considerably. As a woman-owned Latinx small business firm, we represent a key segment of our country’s innovation, setting us apart as one of the few and only firms of our kind in the field of sustainability and green technology invested in advanced research and development. The environmental movement historically has been exclusionary to people of color, despite the issues surrounding sustainability exponentially affecting these communities the most. We are unmistakably an important and valuable asset.


 Star Systems is committed to building long-lasting relationships and partnerships for meaningful change. Our background includes managing a legacy community-based media company where established relationships endured through decades, transforming mission through policy and change. A deep connection to community based organizations and advocacy is essential to a harmonious and balanced world.