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Our Process
Circular economy for a brighter future
circular economy, nature based solutions, sustainability
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Our Process

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Human ingenuity is diverse and circular. Star Systems mission is to make the world a better place by utilizing novel tools, ideas and techniques.

Blue, green and circular economies are formed on a set of ideals and principles which embraces a whole systems and circular design. We incorporate diversity, cradle-to-cradle and an everything is food approach to design.

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The New Economy

The circular economy refers to an industrial economy that is restorative by intention;  aims to rely on renewable energy; minimizes tracks and hopefully eliminates the use of toxic chemicals; and eradicates waste through careful design. The concept of CE is grounded in the study of non-linear, particularly living systems.

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Get to know our process

Regenerative Design for Sustainable Development

We are committed to helping people nurture the planet. Our model includes building more businesses and organizations that incorporate full life cycle processes to their products and services, closing loops in production and services to create a positive footprint on our planet.


Regenerist’s believe in conservation, recognizing that humans are part of the ecosystem. The approach is one of incorporation rather than focusing on preservation, which segregates wild areas from human habitat.

Sustainable design aims to provide for fundamental human needs, whereas regenerative design goes further in that it plans for the future co-existence and co-evolution of humans and other species.

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Through innovative and novel new approaches which embraces nature-based solutions, the way we participate, engage and do business can help improve our planet’s ecosystems and our society.


Community is at the heart of what we do


Whole systems design model


Customized services to meet individual needs


We develop and implement design concepts for success


Planning for our future co-existence


In natural and social ecosystems